Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Welcome Back

Hello! You are currently reading about The SMART Program on Blogger, a Pop-Up free website where people who feel too lazy to write in their personal books can blog all they want, hour after hour, day after day. I am your very entertaining guest blog-person of the day, Leon Lu (Current Freshman @ the International High School of San Francisco and honorary staff member @ the $M@RT Pr0gr@m.) So, as you fellows may all know, its been almost two years since anyone had talked, or 'blogged', about anything on this site. You may not think so, but (in years) two is a very big number, almost as big as the number three. In these two years or so, many things have happened. Unfortunately, we are not a newspaper, or one of those insurance or credit card companies that keep calling you until you oblige to their services, so we cannot keep you updated constantly on everything that is happening. But as our president, our CURRENT president (not the other one that looked like a monkey) but our current president, Barack Obama, says "The time is now". So let's focus on the present.
Speaking of "welcome back", a few weeks ago we had our annual Alumni Reunion. The Alumni Reunion is an event that is held every year where people reunite, people who were once part of the SMART Program come back and party for a night, whether they are now famous singers like Taylor Swift, or still struggling in High School. This year, there was some awesome activities, like some pretty sick video games, a raffle, and pizza (some with pepperoni, some with cheese). But details, who needs them. The Fiesta was a massive successo. If you missed it, you probably had something else to do, but this event is definitely one you should have come to, unless there was a 95% sale at Banana Republic or a Hot Topic opened next to your house. If not, you missed alot. So we will leave here for today. You should definitely stay tuned, because there are so many awesome things that happen at SMART every day. Just ask Hao Tran, or Ruben Morales. They'll tell you. If you don't know who they are, feel free to drop by SMART sometime. I'll be happy to point them out to you (I'm the bald one with the blue jeans and white t-shirt). Then, if you have time, you can come along for a ride on our carousel of fun. Not the one in Spongebob, or the one Carlos Mencia would have. Our carousel of fun. So just a reminder, our address is 1345 Mission St. right in the heart of San Francisco. So anyways, if you have time on your hands on a lonely Thursday evening, with nothing but the weather on television and country music on the radio, feel free to come down to SMART. We'll offer you a warmer welcome than the guys down at the casino can ever provide. See Ya!