Monday, August 20, 2007

SMART rocks Mountain Camp

Many thanks to the directors, staff and counselors at Mountain Camp!

22 students and alumni braved three nights in tents to enjoy summer camp, SMART style! We all had an amazing time, thanks to the hospitality of Mountain Camp campers and counselors. Many of our students learned to (sort-of) swim, mountain bike, kayak, climb a 60 foot tree, perform fencing, archery, play guitar, make friendship bracelets... all for the first time, with the highlight for many of the kids being tubing behind a fast speed boat (thanks Kamren who drove the boat!)

SMART staff were so impressed with how everyone treated each other and the camp with respect. We hope this relationship with Mountain Camp continues in the future so that more students can enjoy the beauty of the lake and the fun that comes with being at camp!

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