Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Computers, Yearbooks and Fog

Today is a new day, Wednesday Feb. 24th, 2010 to be exact. I'm still the same Nikki, and this is still the same S.M.A.R.T. The only difference is that time is passing by and it's time to start making a yearbook. So this morning, I got in the building at 8:45 and my first task was to start working on this year's yearbook. I got to look through last year's yearbook, go through files on the computer from the previous yearbooks and get some ideas. So this morning, (well it's still morning), but the past 2 hours I have been working on Microsoft Word, making templates for this year's yearbook. I got ideas from the old yearbooks and "spiffied" it up a little. I am proud with what I have done so far, and I was having fun doing this littel project because time flew by so fast! So, the title for this blog is "Computers, Yearbooks and Fog" because, 1. I was working on a computer, we have had server problems and I've learned some new tips and tricks on Microsoft Word. 2. I have been working on creating a yearbook and so far it's looking great. & 3. We are in the city of San Francisco, the capital of fog. It is rainy season, the weather is droopy and makes many people tired and sick. I have been yawning a lot this morning, but I'm not bored! & Paul is currently sick =( and I am coughing too, hopefully I don't get sick.

Well, now a little switch...Last week when I came in to S.M.A.R.T. I was working on Erin's computer all day, uploading TONS of pictures from the program up on Picasa. It was my first time working with Picasa, and I am glad I am a fast learner because I got to knock out a bunch of pictures in one day, with tagging and everything. I am still not done uploading pictures, but I will get to the soon and finish that up. That task took up my whole time, from 9-4. Can you believe that? It was a neat experience though and it brought back soooooo many memories. There were pictures from all classes, even before mine, and when i saw my class and all the students that attended when I was in the program, I was smiling ALOT! I saw Conflict Resolution videos that we made, and was so funny to watch because we sound like chipmunks! I still keep in touch with many of the alumni- and knowing them now, and seeing them from back then just made me realize how people grow and change. It was an amazing day even though I was working the entire time on the same project.

For my school requirements, I have to make a project that will benefit the organization and myself. Paul and I have a couple ideas and honestly, I think I am going tohave more than one project. I still have to talk things out with Paul and make everything official. I'm so excited! =]
Now I will go and get my next task!
I will post later! =]

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