Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Long Term Impact of SMART Volunteers

Congrats Martin!
We recently received an incredibly nice note from a former SMART mentor, Arnold, who volunteered with our program over 11 years ago.

"Through the SMART program I have had the pleasure of being Martin's mentor since 2001.  When I signed up for the program I was told it would be a minimum of a one year commitment, well now 11 years later, Martin is still in my life.  We are no longer mentor/mentee, we are family. I am so proud to tell you that  this Friday, May 11th, he will be graduating from USC and will be working for Apple upon graduation. 

I want to thank SMART for being such a wonderful organization and for bringing Martin into my life.  He has gotten to where he is today due to hard work, and taking advantage of the enormous possibilities SMART provides their students, and in my case their mentors. Martin is definitely one of SMART's success stories and proof that this program does change students, and their families, lives. I wish SMART continued success and hope that there are more stories like Martin."

We are so incredibly moved by Arnold's commitment to Martin and grateful he reached out to us. We would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our volunteer tutors and mentors who work tirelessly to ensure the personal and academic success of our students.

Congratulations Martin and his family!

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