Monday, August 27, 2012

IMAP: Preparing SMART's Middle School Scholars for Success

The Independent Middle School Achievement Program (IMAP) ramps up September 10th with 56 scholars participating twice a week. We are excited to continue to support our scholars to ensure they are thriving academically and socially, as well as keeping an eye on the prize: college! 

The newly developed IMAP curriculum is based on research on youth development, gold standard educational non-profits, and overall, what our own SMART families said they needed! We will be zeroing in on a myriad of 21st century skills that are important to both academic and personal success, such as teamwork, time management, and learning how to be flexible and adapt to new or stressful environments.

SMART scholars will have the opportunity to practice their public speaking and researching skills as they will have engaging and interactive research projects, and also get to learn more about the city and communities that surround them. In addition, our eighteen 8th graders will be preparing for their final year of middle school, and focus on SSAT prep, applying for independent high schools, and also discuss the transition into high school. We are eager to begin a productive and meaningful year full of community, growth, and learning!

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