Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Addie Honeycutt: Stewards in Our Communities

When you envision a leader that has made a difference in the world, who comes to mind? For many, this question conjures up the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr and Woodrow Wilson. However, two of our Scholars selected a leader much, much closer to home. 

While eighth graders at San Francisco Friends School, Angela and Giovanni profiled SMART's very own MAP Coordinator, Addie Honeycutt, for an article titled "Stewards in Our Communities." Below is the text of the article for your enjoyment.  We at SMART are very grateful to have Addie as an integral part of our team.  And we are equally proud of Angela and Giovanni for recognizing the ceaseless efforts of the SMART staff.

Article posted at San Francisco Friends School
Addie Honeycutt: Stewards in Our Communities
By Angela and Giovanni

Why should academically successful students be deprived of a good education based on their family’s income?  Addie Honeycutt works with SMART, a non-profit organization that helps students receive educational opportunities.  Addie started her love for teaching during her time working in underserved communities in San Francisco and Marin.  She then began working for Playworks, a non-profit organization and the only organization that helps bring community in low-income schools by organizing engaging gameplay during recesses.  During this time, she met with a few staff members who have kids that go to SMART.  From there, she began to become immersed with SMART’s action and goals. 

SMART helps motivated students achieve opportunities such as helping them get into private/charter middle schools, high schools, and even college.  SMART has an after school program for both middle schoolers and high schoolers who share the same background and goals.  Addie teacher middle school student about success in school, education, how to relieve stress and school work, and much more about the life of a student.  She helps families contact schools as some parents can only speak a certain language at home.  Because she speaks Spanish fluently, one of her jobs is to speak to Spanish-speaking families about their problems and needs.  Addie wants to help students reach their goals because there are many who really want to become successful but can’t due to financial problems, language barriers for families, and much more.  Because of SMART, students are able to reach their goals because of their persistence even from those problems.

So what can you do to help?  SMART runs purely off of donations and not from the government, meaning that there are limited spots for those students.  You can raise awareness in helping these young and motivated students by telling your family and friends.  Another option is to give back when you grow older.  As there is a requirement of age, you can tutor a student during the after school programs of mentor once you are an adult.  You can gain a new friendship with these students and help them in a direct way.  You can donate and find out more about SMART at http://thesmartprogram.org.


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