Thursday, April 1, 2010

"The last melon..."

Have you ever seen Ice Age? The part where Sid, Manny and the tiger are trying to steal the last melon from the dodo birds for the baby? Well, if you haven't seen Ice Age, you should! It's a great kids movie. Well, for some reason, as soon as I got to the page to make my blog post, "the last melon..." popped in my head as a title.

This is my last day here at SMART, as an intern because by the end of this day, I will have all 70 hours needed, complete. It has been a pleasure working here, and helping out with all that I can. It feels like I have been here forever! (Not in a bad way.) This whole thing has been a great experience. I got to see people I haven't seen in 3 years, and I've gotten to meet new people. Some people I will not forget about are: Magaly, Lisa, Lexus, and Jaela. They are extremely welcoming, nice and fun to talk to. I knew Lexus since she was younger but I didn't realize until someone said her name. I saw many familiar faces during my time here. I met the new staff, and I got beat by Leon in Fooseball! I worked with Yvonne (who also goes to my high school), I saw Joanna (who I see every week at College Track) and I saw Nonoko. The first one I EVER met, related to SMART.

So this whole time I've been here, I've been doing numerous things: I started with filing papers, stuffing envelopes,copying and organizing folders- basic office work stuff. Then, I got into making marketing packets, making common application questions, to make it easier on those applying to many private schools, uploading all of SMART's pictures on Picasa...(which you should definetly check out! I also made yearbook templates for all the grades, and interviewed Paul! I called schools, parents, made a map of schools for next years bus plans, and I also did my biggest project of all....


My activity was on the topic of subjectivity. The kids got to dig into their past and bring up events, people or experiences that they've had and connect them to personality traits, and characteristics that they have now. They got to get creative and decorate a human body to express themselves creatively, and then they got to share out in the circle to the rest of the SMART students, what they did.

Working here at SMART has been really laid back and made me realize that I actually enjoy being in a quiet work space and enviroment. I thought I wanted to be in a place that was always busy and hectic, but I noticed that being in a small, quiet space, makes things less stressful. You are on your own a lot of the time and it helps you relax and work at the same time. This has definetly broadened my options for my official workplace.

I'm going to miss hearing Magaly as soon as she comes into SMART. I'm also going to miss talking to Rigo about The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's going to be different now, because I am sooooo used to coming into SMART, which seems like everyday, and having the kids make all the excitement. It was fun playing about 100 rounds of fooseball with Leon, and only winning about 21 of them. Just not being here in general is going to seem different to me.

I'm thinking that I should come back and visit a lot more. In fact, I want to be apart of this AAB thing? I will talk to Paul about it to find out more. I want to be more involved with SMART than I have been these past 3 years. I miss SMART, and now that I am leaving again, I'm going to miss it even more since I got to revive a lot of the old memories.

This is my last blog post as an intern...Hopefully it's not my last though.

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