Monday, April 19, 2010

A Typical Day at SMART...

The first thing we do is get picked up from school, and then...we enter, SMART. We set down our bags and get ready for snack time. After or before snack time we have free time, and get a choice of using the computers, playing Foosball, or hanging out with a friend and playing games. After free time, it is group activity, which is when we get together and talk about different topics and we usually write down some of our ideas. Sometimes, we even play games, or separate into two groups of opposite genders, with Erin and Paul. After group activity, it's homework time, and we divide into two people per table, or people go into the computer lab. We then go into closing circle, answer a question or two, and go home. We admit that we do dread coming to SMART sometimes, but we do like seeing our friends again and getting help on our homework.

~The Sticky Note girls... :)
(Magaly & Mayra)

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